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How To Import The Divi Layout

These are additional layouts that you can download for free. All other layouts can be found inside the Divi Builder.
Please read the following posts before you download a layout.

How to Import a New Layout

Create your primary menu

Set your Global Accent Color

Style your Header

Style your Bottom Bar


This Layout Pack is designed for attorneys, law firms, agencies and practices. But as with most layout packs and child themes, it can be repurposed for just about anything.



This layout pack includes 4 page layouts. Home page, About page, Ministries page and a Contact page. This will be a great starting point for any church or ministry website. It can also be re-purposed for just about any type of website.


Coffee House

The Coffee House layout can be used to create a simple website for a local coffee place. As with most layouts, you can duplicate and re-purpose the sections and modules to expand your site into a multiple page website. Coffee House is, as the name would suggest, ideal for cafes, coffee shops, and the like.



The Diner layout is perfect for anyone looking to create a simple website for a local restaurant. You can even duplicate and re-purpose the various sections and modules on this single page layout to expand your site into multiple pages that hold to the same design aesthetic.


Farmers Market

Designed specifically for community outdoor marketplaces such as Farmer’s Markets, City Events and Fairs. But as with most layout packs and child themes, it can be repurposed for just about anything.



This Fitness Layout Pack is designed for health coaches, personal trainers, crossfit coaches, lifestyle coaches and gyms. But as with most layout packs and child themes, it can be repurposed for just about anything.


Green Business

Ekewaka is a “Green Business” Divi Layout Kit designed specifically for Accounting Firms and Bookkeeping Service Providers. As with most layout packs and child themes, it can be repurposed for just about anything.


Small Business

This Small Business layout pack includes 4 pages: Home, Services, About and Contact. I have used the Construction industry as an example. You can modify this layout pack to suit different types of business simply by replacing images and text. To make this layout reflect your business branding you will need to replace the yellow coloured fonts and icons with your own brand colours and fonts etc.



If you are an artist, you need a great website to showcase your work. This layout pack focuses on what’s most important for visual artists: imagery. Simple typography, subdued colors and prominent galleries make this the perfect layout pack for showing your art to the world!



The bakery layout consists of 5 tasty pages that will make any bakery website irresistible.



This is a wonderful layout pack that’s perfect consultants. The design has “professional” written all over it, and it’s one of those classic designs that can be used for all kinds of websites. The colors are calm and collected, the structure is clean and professional, and each page has been designed with the utmost care.



If you are a freelancer, then you need a great website that communicates your value to your potential clients. This beautiful layout pack has been built specifically for web design professionals and it includes all the pages you need to get your website up and running. It’s is the perfect way to get your new web design career off the ground!


Product Marketing

This is a dazzling layout pack filled with beautiful gradients and designed in a modern style. This is the perfect layout pack to jump-start your next tech-oriented website. The pack includes 5 fully-built pages, which means you can use it to easily create an entire website in no time at all!


Online Store

This layout pack is simple, gorgeous, and downright folksy. Perfect for mom-and-pop shops, hipster boutiques, antique stores and more, your customers won’t be able to resist throwing money at you when they see this pack on your page.