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This Marathon layout pack is perfect for a marathon website. The design is clean and the colors are bright, making the content more accessible. The landing page is beautifully designed with some special elements including a countdown timer for the event and a registration CTA. The Info page is also a smart addition and there is even an App page to market your race app!
Author: Elegant Themes
Auto Repair
This eight page auto repair layout pack puts the spotlight on the services you offer. With excellent service and services page layouts you can target your potential leads in an easy, clear, and direct way. On top of that, the high-quality images help you tell your company’s story in a professional and elegant manner.
Author: Elegant Themes
This restaurant layout pack is designed to provide everything the average restaurant will need out of the box. Particularly the all important “hours of operation” information in the footer of every page. There is also a button in the hero section of the home page and the landing page for making a reservation.
Author: Elegant Themes
One of my favorite things about this layout is it’s flexibility. Changing the color scheme of the site would be really easy since all of the content areas have a white background. This makes it all the more flexible for your branding needs. I can see this being used by bloggers, small businesses, photographers, you name it.
Author: Elegant Themes
Coffee Shop
This eight-page coffee shop layout pack has everything you could possibly expect from a coffee shop website. Primarily; all of the practical information is continuously present on each layout of the website.
Author: Elegant Themes
This design agency layout pack will provide your visitors will all the information they need. It’ll also give you the possibility to showcase the most valuable things about your design agency in style. With elegant and informative pages such as the case study page, and with two differently designed project pages, you’ll be able to showcase your previous work in an impressive and tasteful way.
Author: Elegant Themes
If you need a website designed for you travel business/blog, need a web design upgrade, or need a pre-made travel layout to jumpstart your next Divi project, today is your day.
Author: Elegant Themes
This Fitness Layout Pack is designed for health coaches, personal trainers, crossfit coaches, lifestyle coaches and gyms. But as with most layout packs and child themes, it can be repurposed for just about anything.
Author: Geno Quiroz
Learning Management System
This layout pack provides you will all of the necessary page layouts for any e-course website. It includes an excellent marketing page to promote your course(s). The courses page displays each course along with its brief discription in well designed grid layout, perfect for listing any amount of courses.
Author: Elegant Themes
Local Farmers Market
Fresh Farmers Market Layout.
A delightfully fresh design for anyone running a Farmers Market (or any non-profit/co-op, really).
Author: Elegant Themes
Product Marketing
This is a dazzling layout pack filled with beautiful gradients and designed in a modern style. This is the perfect layout pack to jump-start your next tech-oriented website. The pack includes 5 fully-built pages, which means you can use it to easily create an entire website in no time at all!
Author: Elegant Themes
This is a wonderful layout pack that’s perfect consultants. The design has “professional” written all over it, and it’s one of those classic designs that can be used for all kinds of websites. The colors are calm and collected, the structure is clean and professional, and each page has been designed with the utmost care.
Author: Elegant Themes
The wildly popular RoyalCommerce is a feature-rich WooCommerce Divi Child Theme.
RoyalCommerce features a minimalist design that puts the focus on your products in a modern and elegant way, while bringing key eCommerce features to the Divi framework.
Author: Tim Strifler
Yoga Studio
This yoga layout pack has everything a yoga studio could possibly need on their website. Besides having a niche-oriented landing page and home page, the yoga layout pack also offers a unique and attractive classes page that will help your existing students and potential students follow the schedule of your classes.
Author: Elegant Themes
If you are an artist, you need a great website to showcase your work. This layout pack focuses on what’s most important for visual artists: imagery. Simple typography, subdued colors and prominent galleries make this the perfect layout pack for showing your art to the world!
Author: Elegant Themes
The bakery layout consists of 5 tasty pages that will make any bakery website irresistible.
Author: Elegant Themes
If you are a freelancer, then you need a great website that communicates your value to your potential clients. This beautiful layout pack has been built specifically for web design professionals and it includes all the pages you need to get your website up and running. It’s is the perfect way to get your new web design career off the ground!
Author: Elegant Themes
Online Store
This layout pack is simple, gorgeous, and downright folksy. Perfect for mom-and-pop shops, hipster boutiques, antique stores and more, your customers won’t be able to resist throwing money at you when they see this pack on your page.
Author: Elegant Themes
Photo Market
This Photo Marketplace layout pack is designed to provide everything an average online Photo Marketplace will need out of the box. The light backgrounds and simple layouts keep things super clean and non-destracting to viewers.
Author: Elegant Themes
This copywriter layout pack is designed to provide you with all the necessary designs, layouts and elements your website needs. Besides having 9 unique and elaborated pages that’ll help you attract new clients in an effortless way, the copywriter layout pack also provides you with high-quality images which you can use for free and for all kinds of purposes.
Author: Elegant Themes
This florist layout pack is definitely designed with florists in mind. The floral images used throughout (especially for header backgrounds) are purposeful and beautiful. The landing page in particular is extremely useful to any florist out of the box by including sections for seasonal items, discounts, and even a contact form for special bouquets!
Author: Elegant Themes
This SaaS layout pack is designed to get your SaaS website up and running in no time. With seven stunning and elaborated layouts, your website will contain all the pages it needs with the necessary information which you can adjust to your own needs. A professional approach is the primary focus of this layout pack and matches perfectly with the stunning illustrations and advanced built-in Divi options that were used to bring you a completed and easy-to-install layout pack. On top of that, the layout pack includes, among other layouts, a documentation page that’ll allow you to share your documentation in an elegant and targeted way.
Author: Elegant Themes
Web Agency
This layout pack includes some important “must haves” for a Web Agency, including a pricing page, a services page, and a portfolio page. The design is tastefully colorful and clean throughout. The background images stage the content in creative and effective ways.
Author: Elegant Themes
Interior Design
This interior design layout pack represents the core values of each interior design company out there; style and expertise. With eight elaborated layouts that contain stunning and unique images, this layout pack is ready to bring your interior design website to the next level.
Author: Elegant Themes
Pottery Studio
This Pottery Studio layout pack is perfect for any Pottery business looking to expand their services. The Classes and Class page layouts will provide what you need to start marketing and selling Pottery classes online. The design is both familiar and unique. The testimonials standout nicely and the high quality photos used are as beautiful as they are professional.
Author: Elegant Themes
The Babysitter Layout Pack contains eight different and unique layouts. On top of that, it has a ton of icons and illustrations included that match the color palette of the layout pack perfectly (and which you can use without any restrictions). You can also find beautiful section dividers within each layout that make your website look sophisticated yet simple at the same time.
Author: Elegant Themes
Food Recipes
This food recipes layout pack allows you to focus on what’s really important which is the tasty recipes you’ve worked on so passionately. The different layouts that come with this layout pack fulfill every communication need you have. The recipe page sets your creativity free by providing you with all the elements you need to present your recipes elegantly and effectively. You can reuse the recipe layout for every new recipe that comes out. The only thing you’ll need to do is change the steps, media and copy according to your new recipe. And with the Visual Builder close within reach, this will take you almost no time.
Author: Elegant Themes

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